Stare Down

Quick Definition: To look intentionally and directly at another person’s gaze for a period of time.

Full Definition:

Stare downs have several social connotations and functions.

A male to male stare down usually involves an assessment of the other person’s potential threat or social value. They gauge the likelihood of a serious fight or call bluff on the perceived dominance of a particular alpha male.

A female to female stare down can mean many things depending on the mood and tone of the women. Because women read faces more closely than men. In negative overtones, female stare downs usually involves jealousy or strong dislike. In positive situations, a female stare down could be her trying to sense deception or understand the depth of the situation from another woman.

Male to female stare down happens in many situations, a fight for dominance. For often in pick up, it is a chance for the woman to assess the true social value of a man. Especially with self-claimed “alphas”, a woman can stare him down to see if he’s for real.

felice_nicdali-intimate lesbians
Women have a more intimate stare down energy
Many pro-fights begin with a staredown based on male dominance energy
Is he for real?


I had a 10 second  stare down with her after the Apocalypse opener

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