AKA Creeper / AKA Clinger

Quick Definition: A person who follows another person beyond normally accepted social boundaries.

Full Definition:

A “stalker” is actually a real classification in police work. It descibes a person who is overly and abnormally obsessed with another person. Usually, the person being stalked is a celebrity. In the dating scene, both girls and guys can be stalkers. Guys who stalk girls tend to associate more value to the relationship than the girl. Sometimes, he may not even know her that well but assumes that they are best friends.


Girls also toss around the words “stalker,” “creeper,” and “weirdo” quite a lot. Due to their smaller physical frame, they are more sensitive, in general, to strange behavior or incorrect emotions being exhibited by men. Guys usually can fend for themselves, although sometimes, female stalkers can gain valuable and blackmail information about a guy.

If you are a pick up artist, don’t be a stalker.


What a stalker! That guy was weird

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