Stalker Girl

AKA Stage 5 Clinger

Quick Definition: A girl who is overly needy and tracks the artist’s every move due to insecurities/possessiveness of her own.

Full Definition:

Stalker girls are usually girls who believe themselves to be much lower value than the artist, who have a tendency to be overly possessive or jealous. Sometimes a girl will really like a PUA because of his superior value or game. While it is tempting to sleep with otherwise cute girls, we have to be careful of the repercussions of our actions. What is she’s mentally unstable? A user? A gold digger? A newbie will not weight the pros and cons and suffer the consequences, even if he wanted to suffer them, the experience will be painful.

Experienced PUAs make more accurate assessments of whether it is worth sleeping with a girl or not. Often times they will turn out sex out of integrity. They also know the social rules better, and simply choose to avoid unnecessary social ruffles. Thereby forgoing married women who are not in an open-marriage, girls with boyfriends, or otherwise girls who may have low self esteem or clingy tendencies. With power comes a level of personal responsibility.

stalker girl

Example of a stalker girl from Wedding Crashers:


Cady is totally a stalker girl!

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