Squirting Orgasm Mastery – How To Give Your Girl The Ultimate Orgasm Review


2 Girls Teach Sex (2GTS) is the latest company to release a “squirting ” product. It’s a specific sexual skill that was taboo, or largely ignored until now when there are a multitude of books and DVDs claiming any girl can squirt. If you aren’t already familiar the basic format of 2GTS is to demonstrate sexual techniques using live porn stars.

The Premise

Marcus London your host

The premise of this program is that all women can physiologically ejaculate, and that the right combination of technique and mental stimulation can cause ejaculation in most women. Removing these psychological blocks in key to stimulating this sexual effect.

Your host throughout the series is Marcus London, who demonstrates the squirting technique on 5 pornstars and a new starlet, Aiden Ashley. In essence, the technique involves using two fingers and a certain hand motion to vigorously stimulate a woman’s g-spot until she squirts.

Now while this technique is very effective at achieving the desired result, it has all been done before. There is a very similar product, Squirting 101, which also demonstrates the same technique on porn stars. More recently, White Tiger Tantra came onto the market. This is at the top end of the market in terms of price, but the content is much more in depth and easier to learn from.

Can All Girls Squirt?

One of the questions that seems to get brought up often is whether or not all girls are capable of having a squirting orgasm. The consensus seems to be that all girls are physiologically able to achieve a squirting orgasm, a notion that Marcus London agrees with here in this product.

Psychologically on the other hand, some girls are resistant to squirting. This is often due to a lack of information on the subject and not feeling comfortable in the situation Just like some men may feel sexual anxiety and suffer impotence as a result, women are prone to anxiety and insecurities too. The more she feels she can let go and be in the moment, the more she’ll be receptive to your touch and feel relaxed and aroused enough to squirt.

A good mindset to adopt is that squirting is 50% about the technique you use and 50% about the mental, emotional and physical state of the woman. Both of these are going to take some practice, the more you experiment with it the better the results you will get.

The sales page for this product states that they can teach you the trick to make girls squirt in five minutes and then get you to mastery level in 45 minutes. This is just misleading marketing, and not the case at all. You don’t get to be a master at anything by watching other people do it. The only way to become a master at making girls through squirt is through lots and lots of practice.

Body Language and Level of Squirting

One of the things I found most interesting in these DVDs was how the body language of the different women correlated with their ability to squirt. While this isn’t talked about at all, if you have a basic understanding of body language you’ll be able to see it. For example, the girl who has the most trouble squirting is the one who has the most closed off and negative body language. She actually looks very uncomfortable being in this situation, which shows even porn stars can have sexual anxieties.

Her arms and legs are crossed, she avoids eye contact as much as possible, and when asked about squirting she admits she finds the whole topic a bit strange. This is clearly a girl who is not comfortable with the idea of squirting.

Marcus London has the most difficulty making this girl squirt out of the whole group. In fact the video is edited, so it is impossible to tell how long he spends on her before bringing her to orgasm.

By contrast, the last girl on the DVD has extremely open body language and is incredibly relaxed about the whole experience. She is much more extroverted than the other girls, and she is able to squirt more easily and much farther.

It is worth pointing out too, that not all girls ‘gush’ when they have a squirting orgasm. Some women become very wet and when they orgasm it just dribbles out of them, while others will remind you of the super soaker water pistol you had back as a kid. Every woman is different, and you’ll see this here on these DVDs.

Education or Porn?

One of the reasons 2GTS has sold so many DVDs is because of their great marketing. They promise to turn you into Don Juan and use dolled-up porn stars as your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The reality is that sex is a skill, and requires practice and discipline like anything else. All things of value in this life take time.

The DVDs have high entertainment value, because they feature well known porn stars. In one case, a long scene with Marcus and one of the girls breaks down proper foreplay techniques. I found this interesting. All the porn stars are also interviewed about what turns them on sexually and their experiences.

Bonus DVD

There’s a bonus DVD included called Advanced Sex Positions for Killer Orgasms. The first part consists of Bobby Bradshaw interviewing Marcus London and Tori Black about a variety of subjects. Things like how long should a man last in bed, how you can avoid premature ejaculation, how many sex positions should you employ and how to mix things up to make sex as exciting as possible for a woman. Pretty cool bonus.

The second part consists of live demonstrations of a lot of different positions. I found this really useful especially if you have a girlfriend or girls to practice with. It is also great for spicing existing relationships up.

This series if more entertaining than educational. If you are looking to work on your foundations, and properly learning good sex, check out the first 2 Girls Teach Sex program as it teaches a broader range of techniques and the whole psychology of sex. It’s very practical and a good place to start. For guys who have learned the basics above already, have little sexual experience and no knowledge of squirting whatsoever, this product will probably be quite helpful to you.

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