Sports Sunglasses

Sports Sunglasses

Sports sunglasses are a fusion of style and functionality. Unlike other high-end sunglasses, they tend to be made from plastic, polycarbonate, and other synthetic materials. This gives them the durability they need to withstand use during extreme sports, and also tends to make them more colorful than other styles of glasses.

There are variations in sports sunglasses, depending on what sport they were designed for. A common type of shades found in extreme sports are wraparound glasses, which are made from a single lens that wraps around the face. Other glasses have straps and ties in the back, so they don’t fly off during a high impact race.

Cyclist Sunglasses
A cyclist with sports sunglasses

Sports sunglasses are great to have if you actually play a sport, and want to look good while playing it. They can also be worn off the field to communicate sportiness and adventurousness. If you’re going for an athletic or outdoorsman look, sports sunglasses may be right for you.

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