• Spiritually Dehydrated

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: Losing who you are as a human being and your connection to the humanity around you.

    Full Definition:

    It is a common sight in today’s pickup scene to spot hundreds, if not thousands of young pickup artist slowly but surely transforming into stone-cold social robots. These are the students who either fall victim to bad pickup advice or those who ignore the fundamental teachings of inner game and purposefulness in search of quick results.

    Such pickup artists worry about what openers to use, what lines to memorize and what routines to practice instead of the authenticity and beauty of their connections with women. And the problem with being such a pickup artist is that while it’s possible to game a few women into sleeping with you, it’s hard to make a woman of high quality want to stick around. When a woman realizes that a pickup artist’s entire personality is just a collection of lines and routines, she will run away as fast as she can.


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    This phenomenon is called spiritual dehydration and is the result of a focus that is too self-centered. By seeking to become a character that they believe says the exact right lines and uses the exact right routines to get any girl they want, some pickup artists end up losing the essence of their true selves and the connection to the world around them. It’s common for such pickup artists to start viewing the game as just a social manipulation with no joy of human interaction and women as just numbers on a score-sheet.

    To avoid this, it is important to focus more on what you want beyond the game and women. By having a purpose that is much larger than pickup itself and by focusing on being a human being that leaves everyone you come into contact with feeling much better than you found them you will be able to enjoy a much more spiritually fulfilling journey in the game.

    Usage: Every social robot is spiritually dehydrated.

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