AKA leveraging the truth

Quick Definition: Representing a series of events in the best possible light, based on the specific audience.

Full Definition:

Meeting someone for the first time is like an interview. While you want to be honest, it is important to respect the person and not be brutally honest. Some topics should not be discussed on the first date. For example, personal illnesses or if you have kids (unless the topic comes up). Spinning is the art of telling the truth, but seeing things from different perspectives other than your own reality. Comics are expert spinners.

When a PUA DHVs or tells a story, he is doing it in a way that highlights his accomplishments and good qualities, and this is a good thing.

A downfall of spinning too much is an unrealistic exaggeration. While this may look good temporarily, the truth comes out over time. Most importantly, learning game requires remaining truthful to yourself about your own skill levels and your improvement.

Dave Chapelle as Black Bush spinning the media:


There’s nothing wrong with spinning the events a little so be sensitive to the girls you are dating.

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