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  • Speed Seduction (SS)

    By on December 27, 2008

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    Quick Definition: A trademarked seduction technique founded and developed by Ross Jeffries that uses NLP and hypnosis to seduce women and improve one’s inner game.

    Full Definition:

    Speed Seduction was the first heavily marketed online seduction method when ASF was formed in the 90s. Today many PUAs still learn NLP and SS as part of their training, though in less detail given the amount of information and different schools of thought that are in today’s seduction marketplace.

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    Source: Ross Jeffries

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    • wangkang


    • ex-womanizer

      I wanted to post a warning about how having sex can lead to crippling regret. I used to be a womanizer until my conscience started bothering me and I looked at the huge drawbacks to having a player lifestyle.

      Sex tourism is illegal now:

      Sex offenders have been required to register with the police and are forbidden from living near schools and parks:

      Sex offenders can be be held for life under indefinite civil commitment laws even after they complete their original sentences:

      Adultery is illegal:

      Unmarried couples may not live together:

      Oral sex has been outlawed:

      Premarital sex is illegal:

      Sex toys are illegal:

      A girl could falsely accuse you of rape or sexual harassment.​ Some girl might be a minor or you could be picked up accidently in some prostitution sting. While the chances of being charged with a crime may be low, living a life as a sex offender is no fun:

      You could get a woman pregnant. Condoms can fail. Getting a vasectomy would be safer:

      You could get sexually transmitted diseases:

      Married people live longer than single people:

      I have really screwed up my life since I started having sex. Gaming
      really is a slippery slope. I noticed that people who lie to girls also tend to have lower ethics in other areas of their life. Someone who has seduced or cheated on a girl also might try drugs, smoking, getting a tattoo, going in debt, and failing to pay income taxes.

      I think gamers would be better off concentrating on positive activities like education or business. How many guys like Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, Mark Sanford, John Ensign, Eliot Spitzer, Rudy Giuliani, John Edwards, Jim Bakker, Newt Gingrich, Gary Hart, Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Marv Albert, and David Letterman have had sex scandals? Having a sex scandal is a black mark that never helps people become successful.

      I am filled with remorse from years of fooling around. I never thought I would feel so bad. Not all girls deserve being cheated. I was brought up in a religious home and that may be part of the reason I feel guilty and immoral.​ I am not judging anyone, but I really want to caution people how destructive sex can be.

      • Not sure if you are just trolling or being serious, but half the links you posted are from 2005 and irrelevant, so I’ve deleted them.

        The things that you mention are only tangentially related to sex, or pickup for that matter. Yes, there are risks like STDs (practice safe sex), but sex is just a physically enjoyable act between 2 people.

        You don’t need to lie or be dishonest to practice pickup. In the modern dating scene it is perfectly fine to be open about your intentions, and enjoy casual relationships with many women. Pickup will teach you how to do that.

        It’s not about lying or cheating, it’s about building confidence & social skills, and developing an understanding for what women find attractive.

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