Speed Follows Simplicity

7 Self Interested Reasons to keep it simple with women

Guest post by Seduce In Seconds

It’s never been easier to find a solution to a specific dating problem. A technique, a process or even an inner game course, they’re all just a few clicks away. So why restrict yourself when you’re learning how to pickup girls?

You can never remember them all – the techniques and tips and hints and past learning experiences, that is. When you’re looking at a woman who’s undivided attention alone is turning you on because she’s just that hot, well, you often risk having a mental blank because your nervousness short circuits your brain a little. If it’s not a mental blank, it’s mental blanks’ pesky derranged brother ‘Nevousness’ which quite simply often means you talk too much , too fast and are purely content reliant.

Pick Up Lines and Techniques

The lines , processes and hidden camera videos on how to pick up a girl at the gym (for instance) are easy training wheels to get you seeing results fast in a cool way. Try to memorise them all and recall them when you’re over excited or nervous and you’ll see all those two hundred and whatever techniques you’ve learnt are going to be reduced down to one common thought at crunch time:

“Fuck! What am I going to say next? ”

My answer to that is to use a playful tease twice, compliment her once and advance your kino escalation attempts four to five times….

That was a joke (even though it’s not funny enough to laugh at out loud because a part of you may have just got a chubby at the thought that I dropped my ‘next magic bullet / miracle cure/ etc’.  I like to keep two things in mind to make sure that any guy looking for way to pick up girls quickly and simply does it right. I’ve outlined them here in seven self interested reasons to keep it simple with women and not undervalue it’s significance amongst the hype.

#7  Simplicity = Results = Confidence Fast

Seduce In Second’s 18,000 infield tests over the past 6 years have consistently shown that your confidence will suffer if you learn techniques without ever formulating your own solutions.

Your confidence is impaired from how you learn, not just from what you learn. If you train yourself to remember 300 things and then you get nervous they will inevitably go out the window even if they are a ‘game plan for approach anxiety’. Forget minor fixes, you need a game plan for ‘The Game’.

That game plan does not lie in an approach anxiety fix if you’re nervous (for e.g.) and want to pick up a girl in a club. It lies in simplicity and learning how to apply only a few key things that work across all areas of seduction and human interaction. Everything else is just an example showing you how these core things can be used.

The problem is, these core things are often so vague they can never be implemented practically. That’s why I’ve spent the past 6 years forumulating my 4 core principles and testing them world wide.

They are quite simply:

  • counter intutitivness
  • playfulness
  • push/pull and
  • indifference

We film them time and time again to make sure our memories don’t taint what really happened.Stall outs and mental blanks were resolved when I changed the way Seduce In Seconds approached social interaction. Learning only 4 key things that are easy to apply and keep in the forefront of your mind lets you create your solutions and gives you more confidence and faith in your abilities.

Far more importantly your confidence will skyrocket once you stop having mental blanks caused by ‘material anxiety’ (how do I remember and apply what I’ve learnt in a sincere and non-robotic way).

No more mental blanks means it’s easier for you to seem cool, calm collected and indifferent (essential goals). You can think clearly and just apply these 4 core things at will, where they’re needed and even to recover from mistakes. I don’t have room to explain them here but I have guide you’ll soon be able to download showing you way to pick up girls using these four key principles.

#6 People Don’t Doubt You

With Simplicity Comes Sincerity. Thinking too hard about what to do next takes your brain and your sincerity out of any conversation you will have with women. Staying in the moment and not getting lost in a maze of ‘solutions’ which sound like miracle cures  is the way to do it. The days of having 6 steps to do for approach anxiety, 3 for a good conversation and 3 for getting a kiss are over.  Only 4 core principles are what I believe you need to know how to pick up a girl and be an effective pick up artist (which means speed and efficiency in my eyes).

You’ll get so distracted from thinking about what technique to use and forget that you need to also think about how you’re going to deliver in a way that doesn’t look contrived. Take note, this also applies to ‘inner’ and ‘natural’ game confidence solutions couched in spiritual rants about ‘deep purpose’ and other things that rarely show consistent results.

I’m not saying these things don’t exist but I’ve never seen any of them work fast and consistently and be filmed and tested. Ultimately many people say my stuff doesn’t work or isn’t real too, argument is good but test it all yourself before you make a decision. If something works, keep it. Or get the right person to teach you.

How about, you just sit there and talk to that hot girl and use these 4 simple things when you get the chance.

How does that sound?

The benefits are obvious when it comes to conversations and confidence when you approach it this way. You’re sincerity and focus on the woman, what she’s saying and your context promotes sincere and interesting conversation.

#5 More Respect

You Will Get More Respect With Women. You will not be looked at like a sleazy guy coming up to a woman for a quick shot at whether he can put himself through her. You will be seen as sincere, confident, laid back and attractive…all of which will make you then feel more attractive once the social proof kicks in and you start to realise that external validation is important to keeping confidence in your life on a short-term day to day basis. Ironically not trying to hard to use these four things will get you laid quicker than if you put in more effort trying to learn, recall and apply a myriad of techniques / lines.

#4 You Get To Be Lazy

Try being more lazy, it will actually help.

More mental effort on your behalf will show either through:

  • Talking too fast
  • Mental blanks
  • or simply giving replies that show you were thinking about what to say next and not really listening.

My guys who’ve learnt this know we’re a rarity because this is not a different method, it’s a different approach to learning and implementing in a way that means you know how to pickup a girl fast and realistically.

This is all assuming you approach women to begin with. If you don’t approach you will waste more time filling your head and getting information overload which, in effect, will make your approach anxiety worse.

#3 Live Like A Celebrity

Approaching anxiety arises simply out of the fact that you doubt that you can pick that girl for sure and handle everything that comes your way.

Unlike celebrities, some pick up artists have an undying dedication to finding faster and easier ways to pick up women that often sees people think we are celebrities. We become popular in a room of people very fast and people wonder who you are and when they find out you’re nobody they love you even more because you’re a real rarity.

But like celebrities, pickup artists who approach women get complacent with their results and their nerves. Soon they begin to have a ‘celebrity-esque’ impression on people because they’re cool, laid back, popular, respected and all that other stuff. In one word, they show indifference, that what these men do to achieve all of those things…and people buy it time and time again.

What this means is, just like celebrities, simple and speedy pick up artists get so many women that we become complacent with our success. We don’t care if you don’t like what we’re saying to you right now because 95% of the people I do this with love it, so you’re just not for me. It’s easier for us to just go and approach another and number close her in under a minute or take them on an instant date and if you want to see me doing some of this stuff you can at www.youtube.com/thesocialengineer .

Indifference means you don’t care and that is a key to having and demonstrating confidence just like the celebrities, rock stars and other famous people we’re told to envy by Public Relations companies. They don’t ‘live the rockstar lifestyle’ by always thinking about how to seem cool or popular. They simply act in a way counter intutive to most. The media tells everyone is cool so they they get power and attention and…in one word ‘social proof’.

They can do what they like, say what they like and act as they like because people around approve of it and want more or that if you’re by yourself you act in a way consistent with how a celebrity would act like. This also can convince people you’re the king. We all have sterotypes in our heads and we have an idea of what a confident guy should be like. Act in accordance with it and even if you’re not, people will think you are. They’ll treat you well, you’ll feel validated and your short term confidence will grow and you’ll laugh at how you used to be.

Unfortunately you may get too inside your own head and never get to even approach a woman because you think there’s ‘so much more learning to do first’. In reality, this is just an excuse to bide your time and avoid the posibility of rejection to the extent that you’re apart of the 95% of guys who ever have a proper go and actually learn right and don’t take approaching too seriously so they do it.

#2 Speed

The only test for simplicity is speed. Look at an iPhone, I can do most things quicker on it than on my laptop and more simply. I can take and post hidden camera videos 200x faster than I do on a PC at the touch of a button because I can replicate the same process over and over with lightning speed and little thought.

Seduction should always be the same and the real way to test is through seeing how fast you can replicate it. To do something fast you need definite solutions to a wide range of problems and the four keys to seduction : counter intutitivness, push/pull, playfulness and indifference have proven to be the fastest 4 principles my guys are using right now as their only ways to pick up girls. We’ve tested them and know they work by seeing how fast a solution can be replicated and with what accuracy. It’s the simple way to sort the nuggets of gold from the nuggets of fake gold in the real world.

#1 You Actually Try

You will like the fast results from simple things you realise how easy it is to do and just like a celebrity or a rockstar you just do what you like. Unlike a celebrity or a rockstar you know WHY you are the way you are, why people are acting the way they are and can sit back and enjoy knowing this isn’t just lucky or someone’s 15 minutes of fame.

You will do this more. Your confidence will improve. You will be happier.

Simplicity is the key. Less should do more.  Too much information and too many long winded solutions are not solutions. They’re problems for the aspiring pick up artist. Always remember:

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see”

I talk about all of this and more in a guide I’m working on for guys  who want the practical ways to apply these four things and to be able to do crazy things. I’ll talk about how to pickup women without talking, how to pick up women using your tongue from 2 meters away and about validation, confidence and approach anxiety among other things.