South Park on Racial Stereotypes

Finally – a positive Asian stereotype on South Park.

After seasons of Asian people getting the short end of the stick on South Park…

Every other group of people has had some kind of redeeming feature – hell, even Satan gets to show off his soft side.  But Asian people?  In my memory of all things South Park, we’ve had the Chinese dodgeball team, which uses steroids to win, and the Chinese announcers who make racist jokes about the South Park kids.  We’ve had the City Wok guy, and his wife, Wing.  And we’ve had Mongolians and the Chinese Mafia, dealing with human trafficking, with one time appearances.  Oh, and Japanese people not having souls.

Still, it is SOUTH PARK. The whole point of the show is to offend and humor. In “The China Problem” episode, the Chinese people that were actually portrayed were pretty normal. (Except the slanted eyes).