Social Wanking

Quick Definition: Sitting around as a group of guys and doing nothing but staring and observing other people.

Full Definition:

Have you ever been with a group of high value guys and have the whole room looking at you? Something exciting is happening, and you are engaged. This is a high value group, and each guy is holding court and giving respect to the other men in their group. Naturals are great at creating this “Entourage” vibe. A group of PUAs, on the other hand, sometimes just stand around and eye other girls. In this way they lose value over time in a venue because they are seeking validation elsewhere. Sometimes, the best way to get the girl is to stay engaged when you first walk into a bar, and then worry about the women later.

@2:37, Discovery talks about social wanking when a group of guys don’t do anything with each other:

This is a group of high value guys

Usage: Don’t engage in social wanking at a cool bar.

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