Social Violation Theory

Quick Definition: The tipping point in which an artist violates a certain social norm or rule in different scenarios.

Full Definition:

It is important to understand social violation theory in order to bend and break the rules. Sometimes, breaking social rules allows the PUA to talk to a woman. For example, if you are normally loud in a starbucks and start chatting up a girl, you will get stares from other people. If you continue under the pressure, it becomes normal.

Sometimes, violating a social rule has consequences, because you are posing a challenge to normal social rules. Once we crashed a private party, and the host confronted us. Luckily, she was nice, and asked us to stay and enjoy the party. Another time, we crashed a hostel, and was promptly asked to leave by the hotel management.

Generally speaking, social violation theory allows the PUA to learn to sexualize an interaction, letting go of your outcome and allowing seduction to occur.


Humor and a good energy tends to give the artist a little more leeway into his violations. For example, speaking in a cheeky British accent allows Russell Brand to get away with some of the vulgar content he’s saying. Usually, good humor that doesn’t insult anyone allows more leeway for potential social faus pas.

Usage: Be attuned to the various social violation theories on campus.

Related Terms: Social Circle, Social Rules, Social Faus Pas, Social Hierarchy, Push Pull, Comfort Zone

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