Social Value

Quick Definition: The inherent and conveyed survival and replication value one has within a given social setting.

Full Definition:

While a person may have an inherent value, social value is both relative and conveyable to others. This means that a person with innately high social value (good genes, rich, strong social circle) can still experience misfortune, such as someone else dropping a glass of wine on him/her at a particular venue. Other people may not know that he or she is actually socially elite, and therefore the conveyed social value is lowered. However, people of class still handle things like this well under pressure.

Similarly, a relatively low value guy can have some social connections in a local bar, but convey high social value. The innate social values are related to passive values. You can see some of them physically (body size, height, muscle tonality), and others need to observe over time (manners, wealthy outside of club, social circle, professional circle).

Generally speaking, a man wants to create the perception that he is the only one who can give women powerful sexual experiences. And in the case of the woman, she wants to create the perception that she is hard to get and that she is the only one who could make the man feel strongly validated. This is a play off of the innate S&R value of men (higher survival, lower replication) and women (lower survival, higher replication). While women today have rights and are able to take care of themselves, our evolutionary tribal brains are still wired to respond to the social value according to our S&Rs.

A-HB lowers her-value by hanging with a douchebag
A HB lowers her value by hanging with a douchebag. Source: Hot Chicks with Douchebags


Adam has high innate social value, in addition to his skills at conveying them in a Swedish dance club

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Source: Evolutionary Biology