Social Trees

Quick Definition: The connection of branches that encompasses a social circle.

Full Definition:

The social tree concept is developed by Braddock of Love Systems. Each social circle is a tree. In the tree hierarchy, there are the women/men in the higher branches, and others in the lower branches. In every social circle, the leader’s inner circle of the tree needs to accept new members in order for you to become a permanent member.

Jumping social trees requires meeting social connectors or cold approaching new people. Disruption of one tree usually does not affect another tree.

There are different types of trees. A slutty girl tree usually follows the rules that, if you sleep with one of them, you can sleep with other girls of the same social circle. In this case, try to sleep with the hotter girls first and work your way down. A higher social class girl circle usually has a no sex rule once you have chosen a full close. In these circles, maintain friendships until they become sticky and pick the best girl of the bunch.


Notice the different social trees that exist in this club based on everyone’s interactions with each other.

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Source: Love Systems