• Social Stamina

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The ability to withstand long periods of social interactions or the ability to endure tough social situations over a period of time.

    Full Definition:

    Alex (RSD) talks about the 4 times rule – if you reopen a girl 4 times she will generally give you the real reason why she’s not talking to you. Whether the issue is a serious conversation, or they just broke up, or something else. Social stamina is different than clueless pushing. It requires social calibration and the knowledge that there’s nothing to lose.

    social stamina vitaly

    That’s social stamina right there.

    For example, watch how Triumph the Insult Comic Dog insult and push the Atlanta housewives just enough, but then keeps going. He has both comedic stamina (not giving up) and the smarts to calibrate. A PUA who can’t read social situations and just pushes will run into a hard wall, even if he has social stamina.

    Triumph and the Real Housewives of Atlanta:

    The guys from Simple Pickup and Vitaly definitely have a lot of social stamina:

    Alex talks about Social Stamina:

    Alex continues about using social stamina to get turbo girls

    Usage: Vitaly has a lot of social stamina

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