Social Proof Explained

Context: The masters explain social proof on the forums

JamesX: If one is interested in using social proof on exceptionally hot chicks that are Playboy / Penthouse Pet material (beauty of a 9 or 10), is it better than to be seen by them while accompanied with a chick who is also a 9 or 10?? or will the exceptionally hot chicks be just as impressed if they see you with an average looking chick ( 7 or 8) ??

Style: The more attractive the girl you’re with, the more social proof you have. But, if you are after a 9/10 and you’re with a 7/8, you can compensate. It’s not just simply BEING with an HB that gets you the social proof. It’s how she is behaving towards you. If you’re both in a corner bored, it won’t get you anywhere. But if you’re with one or two 7/8s and they’re hanging on your ever word, laughing all the time, having a lot of fun, and maybe even dirty-dancing with you, THAT is going to make a 9/10 want to meet you.

LoveDrop: I wouldn’t characterize 7 or 8 as being “average looking”…I would describe a 7 or 8 as a good-looking female (ie a valid target to myself and other guys.) If you are truly referring to average (ie not attractive, or marginally attractive) then maybe you are talking about using some 5’s or 6’s for social proof? (Which I would *not* recommend.)

I was out Saturday night with three chicks…a 7, 8, and a 9…and I was basically treated like a celebrity (or a god) for the evening. Normally when I’m out with a hot chick, I will notice more women checking me out, etc. But this was unreal…people openly staring, women approaching our group and initiating conversations, men approaching me to shake my hand and ask us to come over and party with their group, etc. One guy even thought I was a pimp, and he approached me with his wallet open! These are reactions I got from everybody…my neighbors on my way out the door…people in line, club staff, people on the dance floor, people milling about, etc.

I think this social proof, and the amazing reactions I got, contributed heavily to my extremely powerful and confident state that evening, something worth anchoring for future use….

So…if being out with some hot chicks can give you amazing social proof and power, why bother bringing out a 5 or 6 in the first place? Why EVER do it? Also, I think it really could be negative…hot chicks see you with an UG and they place you in that box….”the guy who hangs with UGS.” I say, if you want to play the social proof angle at all, do it properly.

One lady that approached our group was obviously trying to set up some group sex. It was so classic….first she approaches our group and gets in good with the girls. So they’re referring to her as their “friend”, etc. Then, about 20 minutes later, her man moves in. He’s middle-aged, going bald, got a gut, all dressed in black. He’s man-handling her a lot and getting in on the conversation. After 5 or 10 minutes of that, he takes off again and she starts filling in the girls on all his details…

Turns out they are up partying from Miami (I’m in New Orleans). He’s “not her boyfriend”….why not? Because he’s “not relationship material”…why not? Because he “is rude and treats her like shit.” So why is she partying with him in New Orleans? Because he “has lots of pills” and he “has a huge dick…it’s like a baseball bat…it makes me bleed…I was scared the first time I saw it but now I love it and I can’t bring myself to give it up…someday I’ll get a real boyfriend.” Yeah right haa!! Contrast what she says she wants vs. to try Levitra. He’s not what she’s programmed to think she should want (boyfriend material) but he IS what she actually responds to in the real world (treats her like shit and fucks her brains out.)

We didn’t hook up with them (of course) but it’s just funny how everyone suddenly wants a piece of the action and wants to shake my hand and sweet talk me, because I’m hanging with a couple chicks. Anyway, happy hunting.

Specialist: You’re looking to work HBPet9. You’re figuring to use social proof. Your question is whether you can pull it off with HBCookie7.5, or do you really need to be seen with HBPlaymate10? So, if you have HBCookie7.5 and HBPlaymate10 on tap, why aren’t you sarging THEM? Could your REAL problem be (gasp) “one-itis”? SERIOUSLY, what the target chick is looking for in the social proof thing is whether the proof chick is having fun around you. AND I’ll tell you something else. 7.5 vs 9.5 is more than covered by the difference made by a chick smiling and laughing and having fun. HBCookie7.5 obviously having a great time with a great guy, even if he isn’t working her, will help your case with HBPet9 a lot more than HBPlaymate10 in tow and obviously not having that great a time. Oh, and what happens if some AMOG sees HBPlaymate10 not having a great time with this loser AFC, and decides to put in a little skills practice, with her as the target and you as the BF to be BF-destroyed?

Juggler: In general the more beautiful the girl the better. You may find that bringing a girl with you for social proof will not work as well as meeting girls there. A new girl will be much more interested and captivated by you.

Here is an example. I am talking with two very attractive girls. I take a break from them to turn around and speak with two other girls… maybe 5’s. I do this all the time. Not part of a scheme. Just being outgoing with everybody. Well, these two non-attractive girls were pretty fun and I liked them immediately (not in a sexual way of course). Anyway, we are talking and my interrupts and tells me the two hot girls want to know something. I just put my finger up to tell him just a minute I am in a conversation here.

So eventually I turn back around and the first thing out of the hot girls on the left’s mouth was to ask me if I am seeing anybody. Very bold sign of interest. So of course I gave her the girlfriend test. Thought about it later, there was probably alot going on in her mind. I was sort of demonstrating social proof with the unattractive girls while at the same time doing a neg hit on the hot girl and a take -away…..all that stuff that many guys here like to break down. But the point is, you do not have to figure it all out and force it to work for you. Just be outgoing and chat it up with many people and it will work for you unconsciously. This will leave you to concentrate on the important part of your game… being seductive.


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