• Social Pressure

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The pressure one feels to behave in a certain way based on society and other people’s expectations.

    Full Definition:

    Being able to take, manage, and redirect social pressure is the key to becoming a master of social dynamics. In many ways, becoming a pickup artist is about not conforming to the expectations and limiting beliefs of society, but rather acting in a way that is most conducive to seducing women.

    Whenever social pressure is present during a pickup and the PUA is able to withstand and handle the pressure without losing his composure, he demonstrates alpha characteristics, which are attractive to women.

    For example, when an attractive woman looks at a man, there is a small amount of pressure to look away. By not giving in to that pressure and confidently returning the gaze, a PUA can demonstrate his confidence in himself.

    A more high pressure situation would be in a night club, where a heavily peacocked PUA can receive a lot of positive and negative attention from the men and women around him. By demonstrating that he can withstand such pressure and is comfortable being the center of attention, he is able to DHV himself and increase his perceived value.


    Try to get used to the club environment so that you do not become overwhelmed by the social pressure there.

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