Social Pipeline

Quick Definition: The flow of new leads into your social circle, both for dating and as potential friends.

Full Definition:

Your pipeline is a result of your marketing and sales. Of yourself. As your game gets better, you will have more and more leads. It is important to trust that good game works. A guy with a fast and plentiful social pipeline will have lots of potential girls to date. Celebrities have this, however they have a problem of qualifying the girl (gold diggers). In a way, the best social pipelines are secret and private social connections. For example, a sorority-fraternity mixer at a college, or a modeling networking event for aspiring models in LA. At modeling shows backstage, networking opportunities abound.

The Filter Process

A sales pipeline has a filtering process and so do social pipelines. For example, there are 20 people you meet a a party. Maybe 5 are interesting. 2 are useful and you can work on future projects together. 1 interests you romantically. You can then ask them questions about their life, where they live (if close-by), and how similar your social spheres of influence are. A larger palette to choose from gives you more quality results, usually. Avoid events that have a high number of non-qualified candidates.

Some people say that social relationships should not be so strategic and be organic. Well, would you rather have control over your life or not? It is only when you embrace the reality of the situation that you can start dreaming and interacting with the person as you truly intend. Acceptance of the truth sets you free. In some way, everyone is consciously or unconsciously calculating social value relative to one another, you are just doing it correctly.

Never underestimate the power of friendship, and the role social dynamics play in all human relationships. By accepting this fact, you can freely develop genuine friendships because you choose a friend / lover among quality options.

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Levels of Social Hierarchy

Sometimes, a guy gets lucky and dates “up” his league. Generally speaking, no matter how good your technical game is, if your station in life is too low or “loser-like” according to the girl’s perception, you will not be able to stay with her long-term. Imagine a computer nerd dating a super model. It just doesn’t happen that often. Over time, as the man’s behavioral cues tighten up and become stronger due to his training, he will be more ease and smoothness to his results with hotter girls.

It is your author’s humble opinion that any guy can rise to the top of the social hierarchy through hard work and smart modifications. Therefore, even if your social pipeline is ok and full ok medium hotties, don’t give up. Keep it going. Over time, you will become higher and higher as long as you are on your path.

This only happens in commercials:


I have a pretty good social pipeline right now so Im just helping the newbies with their cold approaches.

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