• Social Nexus

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    AKA Social Focal Point

    Quick Definition: The person that is the best connected to everyone else in the room. At most parties, this is usually the host.

    Full Definition:

    It is important to understand the concept of social nexus because a guy named Hugh Hefner is able to use this to his advantage and bed girls who are in their teens, while he is in his late 80s. The social nexus is the person who has the most connections and controls social fluidity in the whole venue. Social nexuses can be built in one night by having a high likability factor, combined with the ability to GIVE social value.

    Some of the skills that Social Nexus people are good at include:

    1. Access to clubs and events prior to the actual event
    2. Introductions to people that benefit from knowing each other
    3. Access to party items like booze, knowing the host, or knowing secret locations in the venue
    4. Familiarity with the territory
    5. Sometimes, access to drugs
    6. Ability to make others smile, have fun, or otherwise feel good about themselves
    7. They are usually club promoters, club owners, social butterflies or hosts of house parties

    Michael Zdarsky

    Source: Michael Zdarsky Public Facebook

    Social Nexuses can lose their status outside of a club where people don’t know them, and the art of the cold approach pickup leverages no such meta-frame unless the artist can befriend a large number of people within the venue quickly. A stylish attire is required and also a great ability to sense people’s comfort levels.

    Hugh Hefner and other movie stars have developed ways to become Social Nexuses of the entire pop culture. Today, a girl is not seemed “sex symbol” unless she has appeared in Playboy. In establishing his Playboy Empire, Hefner is one of the few men (aside from kings and emperors) in today’s capitalistic society who enjoy the company of teenagers and the hottest female movie stars.


    Why do girls fall so for movie stars? Movie stars become pussy magnets because the whole camera and plot is focused on the main character being the social nexus. Even though he’s not part of a major event in the movie, the camera takes his side and his angle, and our primary instincts treat him as such. This is how stalkers develop this level of intimacy with stars they have never met.

    Example of Vince and Turtle at the center of the party:


    Notice how Becky is the social focal point of this whole house party because she controls the booze.

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