Social Narrative

Quick Definition: The overarching story-line of a country, a large social group, or a particular group of people with shared value systems.

Full Definition:

AKA Group Think on a massive social scale. The social narrative is the defined prized attributes of a person or group’s life and the story that the mass consciousness believes and conveys on a day-to-day, passive basis. In communist Russia, the social narrative of the cold war was the defeat the American capitalist pigs.

PUAs have our own social narrative too. As Julien says, “think that every girl wants to have sex and is sexual”. This refocuses one’s RAS on seeing women as sexual, and being able to convey and communicate in the male-to-female way and speak in “attraction” or “romance”. Urban survivors are focused on safely, food, and how to defend oneself in case of an economic meltdown. Hunters are geared to notice tracks, animal sightings, the wind direction, etc. Every person has some type of RAS focus that serves as their “group think”, unless he’s a hermit, in which case he’s still writing his own narrative himself. We need social narratives because we need to choose, of our own accord or to follow others, about what meaning to assign to the things that happen to us in life.


Social narratives exist on different scales. Usually, the largest social narrative is a world-view. Saving the environment, or global prostitution. A story concocted to express views on either one is a narrative. On a smaller scale, the social narrative of America changes every few years. America generally has been driven to be capitalistic, and based on the “American Dream”. In general, Americans are more materialistic and money-minded than most other countries in the world. America is used to being number 1.

Conversely, the social narrative in Brazil and other South American countries is to enjoy life to the fullest, and have love for your family. These values are prized and there is constant social pressure to conform to the narrative.

While at Google, I remember listening to Eric Schmit say, “the media always has a narrative, or a story they sell. Right now, it’s that Google is Evil, and that Facebook/Twitter/Insert new company is the next Google. I believe that Google, is the next Google. This is the price of success”.

Strong-minded entrepreneurs do 2 things extremely well – they can read social narratives and take advantage of them. For example, launching a company that shares pictures  because one recognizes how important pictures are to the American way of life.  Two, they recognize when they are trapped in a social narrative that is not beneficial for their well-being, and they begin a counter trend or actively go against the social narrative. Below is an example of Mark Cuban blasting the sportscaster for their superficial coverage of most NBA games.

While he speaks the truth, unfortunately the views are used to these types of gossip, action-packed and short term narratives already:

The social narrative defines what is more valuable in a society, and sometimes the forces are so strong that at least people have to pretend to go along with it. For example, in America, you really need to be somewhat Americanized because these traits define your social value in that society. It is important to evaluate when to fight a social narrative, and when to go along with it depending on one’s values, business, and the benefit to their tribe.

Usage: America’s social narrative focuses on hard work, being the best, and enjoying life to the fullest via consumerism.

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