• Social Ladder Structure

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The building blocks of the “social ladder” in each society and its unwritten but generally understood social rules.

    Full Definition:

    In America and most of the world, there is a specific double standard built into the social ladder structure. Mobility across and up the ladder is possible, but certain rules needs to be obeyed in order to do so.

    For example, class structures are still in place. A rich tycoon is unlikely to marry a trailer trash girl, even if she’s beautiful. There are life situations to consider. Different social groups have different rules, and will put social pressure on new entrants into the group. If the new person cannot deal with the pressure, they cannot live in the girl’s world. There are certain expectations for men and women to behave. As such, women have evolved to be much more emotionally attuned to subtle communications of power and social plays than men.

    Generally speaking, if women admit they like sex, social ladder collapses on them. They are judged and slut-shamed. Therefore, they cannot openly admit that they like sex. They only reveal this to sex-worthy guys and this is why guys who get laid regularly don’t brag about it. They understand the rules of the secret society.


    The show gossip girl explores social ladders quite well, and tells a story of how a common boy found the love of his life in a rich heiress

    Usage: To climb the ladder, we first need to recognize the situation of the current social ladder structure.

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