• Social Kinetic Energy

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    AKA Social Kinetic Momentum; Social Kinetic Energy Momentum

    Quick Definition: The level of social interactivity within a person’s life or a particular location, environment, or community.

    Full Definition:

    Positive social kinetic energy refers to human interactions that boost a PUA’s state or makes him feel good. Negative social kinetic energy does the reverse; it takes energy away and makes the person feel negative. The exact perception of the event is also subject to a personal lens, and therefore a PUA’s mental frame can determine exactly how many and which events during the day were positive or negative. An example of this can be one PUA feeling bummed out about a bad approach, while another, with a similar approach, feels good afterward because of his realization about a major blind spot or sticking point.

    Having high social kinetic energy alone doesn’t mean good game or may not get you where you want to go. AlphaWolf writes,

    Social kinetic energy is also only as effective as the people you interact with, and our core inner charm, to some degree. For example, if a hot blonde teacher is living in a school district, she may feel fulfilled with her job, but inside, she wants to meet people that are more like her. Maybe she has dreams of becoming a model, or meeting a more fashionable man in a bigger city instead of married men in the suburbs. Kinetic energy is most effective when it is being exchanged of people who are important to you (i.e. family) and people who reflect relevant social value to you. Think about Hugh Hefner. He has his brother by his side. His servants. Mary. His wife down the street. The playmates in the playmate house. “The Playboy Family is huge.” A man who truly has built his own social domain, now gets to enjoy it and lives a very fulfilling life.


    Thus, to an extent, the more socially kinetic you have within the environment that empowers you (i.e. you are positively interacting with the people you want to meet), the more likely you are to build up your game and your lifestyle. For more on this definition visit this post here on GodofStyle.com


    The social kinetic energy of Rio is always very high all year round, but particularly during spring break.

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