• Social Intuition

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    Quick Definition: The level of natural sense of the unconscious mind to decipher the real meaning behind certain social situations.

    Full Definition:

    Everyone is born with at least a basic level of social intuition. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to relate to others and have a normal life. As the artist goes out and gets experience, his social intuition improves.

    True social intuition comes from a meeting new people and the ability to interact and control situations with old friends. Both areas are important to develop social intuition.

    Sometimes in field, when a PUA goes out long enough, he starts developing a “field sense.” Even in situations when the social relationships are not clear, his social intuition guides him in the right path in terms of how to relate to everyone within a group.

    Hank showing some socially intuitive jokes with Chloe Mets (Californication’s Rachel Ray)


    Nadia has a very high level of social intuition

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    Instigante - Brazilian PUA May 14, 2014 - 2:46 pm

    Great concept.
    I was reading about it on Revelations (Mystery) book, and relating it with my experiences.
    By the way, great site, PUALINGO.



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