• Social Hierarchy

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The explicit or implicit hierarchical structure of society, where a person’s position is usually based on their social connections, money, or status.

    Full Definition:

    As a tribal species, we form hierarchies in order to function and survive as a group. At any moment in time, there is a functioning hierarchy in play. Though we live in a free world (in America, for the most part), social classes still exist. (For example, the economic classes that arise from the difference between the people with money and power, and those without them.) In any group or social circle, there is usually an implicit “tribal leader.” This person always has more say in dictating what the group does, and he is generally a social connector.

    It is neither necessary nor natural for everyone to desire becoming the ultimate alpha male and leader. A leader bares responsibilities and expectations. It is, however, important for a PUA to become socially aware of the hierarchies that exist in all social settings.


    Notice how every new group of friends and tribes have an implicit social hierarchy.

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