Social Fluidity

Quick Definition: The ability to adapt to different social situations and navigate social pressure when the full picture of the situation is unclear.

Full Definition:

Some PUAs only go out during the day. At night, they will often complain about girls being “ADD” and how night game is only for “short term relationships.” Others don’t like clubs and prefer to only date online. Social fluidity refers to the ability for a PUA, who may have a system down for dance game, to function in a warm social circle environment, or a salsa dancer who is now in a hip hop venue.

The same underlying themes of social value, social cues, and relationships apply; you just need to understand them and how they are working for or against you. Fluidity refers to the ability of those fundamental skill sets to adapt to a new, untested situation.

Having a high level of social fluidity ensures that the PUA can always bring out the best in himself, despite the situation.


Jack Sparrow and the Pirate’s of the Carribeans movies crazy plot twists makes him a character with high social fluidity under pressure. Here are some of his best quotes. Notice how each phrase is a reframe to HIS reality of the situation:


James has a high intuition at being socially flexible. He’s got social fluidity.

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