Social Feedback Loop

Quick Definition: The data points that communicates the outcome or perception of a person’s various social interactions.

Full Definition:

Negative Social Feedback gives the artist data on what not to do, and creates a reference point of general social boundaries.

As social creatures, we cannot NOT communicate and receive feedback

Positive Social Feedback gives the artist data on what works, or what the other person responds positively to.

Why is it important? Social feedback allows us to correct our mistakes or calibrate based on the social rules of that tribe, community, or city. Having accurate feedback and interpreting it correctly can ensure survival within a social community.

Over time, PUAs will develop intuition on when to use social feedback to their advantage, and when it is not important and to ignore it (i.e. being rejected by a random girl in a big city has no negative consequence to today’s world).

Here is an example of how Kong actively ignores negative social feedback:


Social feedback is usually good as it tells you what the other people around you are thinking.

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