Social Exposure Rate

Quick Definition: Refers to the rate of time spent with another person over time and the intensity of the interaction (level of exposure)

Full Definition:

A girl’s exposure to your lifestyle and real value happens over time. In fact, if you show her everything too quickly, she may lose interest unless your social value is significantly higher than hers. A hot girl usually has many options every weekend and  she’s going to choose the best one for herself. If you are popping bottles at a club, she may be into that, but if another guy is renting out a whole boat party and has higher value (richer friends), she may prefer that instead. A really hot girl may hear of you one night as the host, and see you another night out with another girl. Over time, she will start to get more exposure to you. As long as the exposure is comfortable and perceived as high social status, she will become more attracted to you over time.

The concept of exposure rate is important to 9 and 10 game, whereby their social circle and life is full of guys trying to impress them. She needs to wait and see if the guy is for real or just faking it to take advantage of her beauty. Models in particular try to stall sex so they can be sure of the guy’s value before sleeping with him.

Social exposure rate also applies to bromance friendships as well. High value guys tend to have their own social circle already, and are busy most of the time. At first you may meet him through a promoter friend. Then you see him again at a business event. Over time, you start to become more “ok” and familiar with that person. The “threat level” goes down and comfort is built. This is the best way, over time, to befriend high status guys who already have their own stable of women and riches.

In the show Entourage Dom was the 5th member but viewers hated the way him crashed into Vince’s life, too much exposure too soon. The writers had to write him off the show after that.


What’s Daniel’s social exposure rate to Tony?

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