Social Engineering

Quick Definition: “Social engineering” as an act of psychological manipulation based on hacking a human organization or human behavior.

Full Definition:

Usage of social engineering used to be around telephone fraud or mail fraud. In the age of the Internet, it has caught on among computer and information security professionals. Passwords, emails and sensitive financial information can be obtained via social engineering more easily than actually hacking a password.

In the show, the team often employs social engineering tactics to get back at the “bad guys”, including designing a website to fake a company’s existence and pretending to be a repairman to get into a secure building.

In the pick up world, most of these concepts can be used to apply to a more manipulative way of seducing women. It is simply important to recognize this is one of the social sciences and people can use it to manipulate the artist.

Concepts in social hacking can easily apply to pickup:

Preloading / pretexting

Setting precedence for an event, or leaving evidence that leads to a certain conclusion. An example of this is hinting at a very upscale private after party in club 1221 Park Avenue early in the night. Club 1221 happens to be the PUA’s apartment at 2am.

Diversion Theft

A pivot, or sending another less hot HB to engage an AMOG, is a diversion tactic. This buys the PUA time with the target and to close the number.


Flash game, or purposefully engaging a SHB with an unbreakable opener, is a good way to bait another girl or target to see high value in the guy. She may start giving AIs or IOIs from a distance, and proximity. This makes additional approaches much easier.


You can follow a girl or guy into a dorm, and say you’re a student, or forgot your ID. This gives dorm access on a campus. I have also tailgated other people into clubs and VIP events, simply suggesting that I am lagging from my primary party behind them.


We can use social engineering to get her number and FB friends.

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