Social Energy Field

Quick Definition: The massive aura or life force of a particular area inhabited by humans that creates a certain energy field which affects all social interactions within that sphere of influence.

Full Definition:

Every city has its own social energy field. AKA Collective Energy Field by Eckhart Tolle. Think Magneto’s metal fortress on Genosha in the X-men series – the overall social energy field affects the artist’s skill-set and his calibrated value in that environment.

Genosha was built for mutants and enhances Magneto’s control over metals – the whole city is built from metallic materials

For example, in the movie Avatar, Jack’s marine background (warrior) helps him connect with the Navi.


Similarly  in countries or cities that are more open to meeting strangers, a PUA can fare better doing cold approach. In other areas like Asian countries or Russia, approaching someone on the street is usually culturally shunned, and girls may turn away even if they like you.

Certain cities excel for cold approach pick up if the overall social energy field is supportive of tourists, strangers meeting, and overall friendly people. In the US, Hawaii, Miami, San Diego are known for its friendly, tropical tourists. NYC is also known for its abundance of models and beautiful women.

If you are an engineer, the San Francisco bay area will reward you with a high salary job, and your worth will be higher versus an engineer is a town like Miami, where real estate, lawyers and models are the most socially valued. However, the bay area is full of engineers and less models and super pretty girls. Each city has its own “energy field” of what it deems the most important, and how fluid a certain type of person can move within that environment.

The next time you take a trip, take a moment to notice the social energy field of that location, and try to use it to your advantage. In the event that it is to your disadvantage, identify exactly what the core issue is (i.e. cultural norms) and work around it (i.e. meet girls via a social connector)

The concept of the Social Energy Field is also important as the PUA should pick the best location (usually near a major metropolitan city) to leverage his skill-set and his chances of increasing his exposure to meeting and attraction women.

Usage: Once you cross the training chasm you will be glad to you did what you did.

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