Social Ecosystem

Quick Definition: The circle of social connections that a person has relatively to his peers and his larger geographical context and each element of the system interacts with one another to create an interdependent ecosystem.

Full Definition:

A healthy social ecosystem includes your family, relatives, people you are about and love. Not everyone has these things, and not everyone that has a social ecosystem has a healthy, growing relationship with the players in that system. I.e. dysfunctional families.

Whether a person is famous or not, his day to day life should revolve around activities and people that make him happy. Without this, life may feel a bit empty or the PUA may feel like he’s not fulfilling his purpose. Of course, beautiful women should be part of this social ecosystem, and thus the reason for the burgeoning seduction community and the ability to install / gather beautiful women as part of your daily activities and lifestyle.

gents_get_bent_by_social ecosystem

It is also important that with women or not, a personal life that results in happiness requires many characters that fulfill different needs. The parent, the brother, the dog. Sometimes, we need people in our lives we are helping, to feel like we are making a difference. Thus the ecosystem is a large context of social give and take, and stream of value (and life value) exchange. A successful persona social ecosystem  can be built over a several years, or in a fast pace if the person is within a position of influence or power. Sometimes, a PUA gets lucky and inherent an existing social ecosystem of happiness and hot girls. However  because life changes and things are always in flux, he will not be able to adapt and create new social circles if this was originally inherited.

With the lone traveler vs. pimp of the city analogy, the traveler should always strive to read social cues quickly in a new city or environment, and identify the key players. From there, he can do as he wishes and add value to the group, with a useful database of how each part of the social system is connected (how people know each other), and what they value so that exchanges in value can be made. The deeper the understanding and execution of social skills, the more likely the PUA will attain a high level of social dexterity within a given environment.

It is also to be within an ecosystem that doesn’t fully utilize a PUA’s skills. For example, if an Asian or black PUA goes to Alabama, he will have to change the overall perception of racism in the south. Instead of fitting against a few people, he’s fighting against a larger wave of accepted social racism. Thus sometimes it is useful to recognize a polluted social ecosystem, and simply move to a new city. A healthier ecosystem that enhances your natural affinity and charisma, instead of fighting against it.

Owen Cook talks about the ecosystem of positive emotions:


You need to have a personal social ecosystem in order to be truly happy in a new city.

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