Social Dead-end

AKA “Dead-end”

Quick Definition: A person that possesses a limited social circle, which often leads to a dead end because of the lack of active connections.

Full Definition:

In theory, everyone can be a social dead end when they move to a new city or new country. Young professionals just getting out of college can also become a dead end given their new environment. Social dead ends are people that have a limited social circle. They are unable to connect with other people or other networks effectively, and therefore become “dead ends.”

Sometimes our best friends can be social dead ends. Braddock from Love Systems, and other mPUAs note that people should hang out with whomever they want to. Of importance outside of the PU world is the importance of family and loyalty.

In pickup, a good PUA should understand the mechanics of how social interactions work. It can be important to prioritize the time spent between old friends who are dead ends and acquaintances that may be social connectors. Sometimes PUAs remain in their social circle not because of loyalty, but fear of the unknown. Recognizing social dead ends is simple a tool. What the artist chooses to do with that knowledge ultimately defines his character.


Henry is a social dead end, but I love the guy anyway.

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Source: Love Systems

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