Social Context

Quick Definition: The frame or larger picture of a social situation that governs a specific expectation in social rules.

Full Definition:
Normally, under this situation, how do people respond? What if the situation changed?

In the movie City of Gods, the main characters are heavily influenced by the violence in the Favellas that permeate all aspects of their life. In such a situation, guns and shooting become routine and regular life. “People can get used to anything”.

At the playboy mansion, as long as you were decent and nice to everyone, there was a good chance of having guilt free sex on the premises. What makes these locales so influential in affecting our behaviors? One must examine the social context. The social context is the frame that’s built around a particular situation. If reinforces the place or owner’s frame of mind and establishes a power that either siphons enemies or empowers the user. “Home-field advantage”, if you will.

In Wolverine and the X Men, there was a scene where Wolverine leads his team to confront Magneto in Genosha, as a way to recover professor X. Magneto easily defeats all of the X Men because his fortress was made out of metal. In controlling the different rooms and having his helmet against Emma Frost, he nullified all the X men enemies. This was possible because of the context of Genosha and his metallic fortress.

Wolverine’s Berserker Rage is powerful in this context, and dangerous in others:

In pickup, it is important to understand the social context of a house party, or event. Who the power players are, and who influences which levers. Understanding this fully will give the PUA leverage in getting what he wants. For example, is it alcohol, befriend the bartender and ask him about his night. Is it money? Ask to the club owner and offer to promote the place for him free of charge the first time.

In Indonesia, it is considered impolite to touch others with your left hand, as it is customary for locals to use their left hand when wiping off their behinds in the toilet. Similarly, power structures are highly respected in Japan, and employees must bow lower than their superiors and show supreme respect for their elders.

These are all cultural differences based on social context. Confucian culture, at its core, is different than Western culture, as is Brazilian or Spanish culture.

When in field, be aware of the social context of a situation. For example, if you are attending the birthday party of a close friend, don’t hit on every girl as if it was a cold approach. It pays to understand that casual conversation and a laid back, relaxed attitude will get you further.

Similarly, understand that in cold approach pick up, chances need to be taken, as there is a time frame. The girls mostly know the game, and there is an implicit recognition that the guy will do the mating dance. Understanding this type of social context allows the PUA to freely game and be entertained by both rejection and success during night game.

Social context of “girl world” explored in Mean Girls:


Always be aware of the social context in a new environment

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