Social Conditioning/Programming

Quick Definition: The implantation of ideas of what life should be like for a particular person based on society’s paradigms, communicated mainly through mainstream media (but also in other forms such as commercialization and government intervention).

Full Definition:

As a whole, it is important for a society to have balance and structure. Total chaos from every individual will make it unlikely to sustain a long lasting empire or social structure. This structure that takes form, even in a free country such as America, over time programs people to have certain expectations in life and behave a certain way. Because it is easier to follow, most people do not make the longer journey to question their reality and challenge conventional social programming and conditioning.

A great example of social conditioning relates to the reason the seduction community developed. The idea of courtship as portrayed in mainstream media is completely erroneous to how attraction works in reality. It wasn’t until The Hite Report that “mainstream” found out about how orgasms really work in most women. Even then, Catherine Hite was so thoroughly harassed by the government and media that she returned to her home country, Germany. This was less than 40 years ago. Today, ideas of attraction are centered on the easy to understand and surface level material. Good looks, money, and fame. This type of conditioning ensures a structure and chain of hierarchy, by having males believe their destinies are already in place based on these surface level characteristics.

Similarly, women are socially conditioned to refrain from publicly having too much sex, for fear of judgment from others. In reality, good sex is so much better for a woman and thus so much more valuable than for a man. In order to progress in game, whatever the PUA’s personal goals may be, it is important to recognize the presence of ongoing social conditioning.


So you think that if you don’t get married by 30 you will be less valued by society? How much of that statement is social conditioning, versus what you truly believe?

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