• Social Comfort

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The baseline comfort around a new person who we are talking to, DJ Fuji’s pre-requisite for attraction and any “game” to take place.

    Full Definition:

    In the Tao of DJ Fuji, Fuji talks about having a basic level of social comfort. In other words, if you do cold approach pick up and want to be good at it, you don’t:

    1. Look like a homeless person
    2. Have a creepy vibe
    3. Have darting eyes or creepy eye contact
    4. Have bad body posture or language
    5. Display way too much interest
    6. Have an energy level that is too far off from that person

    Before any “attraction” can take place, the girl has to feel comfortable in your presence. This is an important skill-set for synthetics, who may not have to social calibration for basic comfort.


    In America, a handshake is a social signal that displays a level of comfort, in conjunction with a brief personal introduction

    Usage: Every person has a minimum bar of “social comfort” that is needed before they engage in conversation with a stranger.

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