Social Circle Mastery Review

This DVD delivers the complete The Social Circle Mastery seminar run by Mr. M and Braddock at Love Systems. The seminar is no longer offered so this is now the only method to get this training. The Limited Edition Social Circle Mastery Course includes DVDs, books, audio and on-screen directions as well as exclusive bonuses not covered in the 1 day seminar.


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Social Circle has been a topic of importance since pick up was originally done as “cold approach” by Mystery and the early Internet PUA gang. With more insights into social circles, social connectors, and value connectors, one can begin to work on long term strategies to having women in your life.

If you don’t already have reasonable dating skills – don’t jump on this till you do. You won’t be able to implement the strategies without the basic dating skills. The purpose of this program is to take your dating and social life to a much higher level and reduce the investment of time you need to put in over time with cold approaches. However in order to build a solid foundation for a social circle, you need to have basic interaction and social skills.

Braddock Talks about Social Circle Mastery with Bobby Rio

“This is really Game 2.0…”

“Social circle mastery is the shit. Period. This is really Game 2.0. Braddock’s comments from his life experiences made the whole seminar worth it. It’s ok to read a formula, but without illustrations and proper context, I wouldn’t have grasped the subtlety of it.” – Alex Flair, Toulouse, France

Braddock and Mr. M have focused on creating a “lifestyle” that teaches you to create a social circle that will feed your dating needs. A bigger, better social circle equals more, better quality women and access to 9s and 10s who usually are protected by friends in cold approach situations.

It’s about getting hooked up socially, to build a community of people who can assist you with social proof and pre-selection time and time again. It’s like the law of exponential growth. Invest in your social circle and the potential for pay off grows each time you add another contact. Ultimately you will be investing less time to get better results. You have to realize the big picture.

But…Be Warned…

A major potential flaw of this product is that it can be perceived as very Machiavellian by newbies or even intermediate PUAs. “So, don’t make friends with someone unless they are a social value or connector?” Remember, these are just concepts for you to use, and I believe that a good friend is a good friend no matter what is perceived “social value” is.

Who is it designed for and what is covered?

This product requires you to invest 6 months to strategically put yourself in a position to have a lifestyle that brings you more quality friends, and greater access to high class hot babes. It requires you to sacrifice short term opportunities with women by choosing to make them friends instead of a target for the greater goal of building a social circle asset for the long term. You can’t be in need of a girlfriend, or sleeping with a girl during this 6 month setup period. There is a higher, long term purpose.

This program is for the advanced player only as 80% of the advice is strategy and 20% is tactics. It is assumed you already have good social skills and are competent in dating. So before you consider this product you should already be good with women.

Braddock explores abundance theory (want more? then assume you shall have it) and then explains how social circles work, how to build them over time and what the rewards are. He outlines problems you may encounter; a guy running interference, a girl “friend” relationship is misinterpreted, then gives instructions on how to circumvent them. He supplies the goals, and the action plans for building a social circle.

About the Instructors from Love Systems

Braddock is passionate about the subject material. He’s inspiring yet relaxed, a great example of a Master PUA.

Mr M’s contribution is in co-creating the program. They have been successful in formulating a clear memorable framework, keeping concepts to a minimum, allowing you to get on with the task of executing the plans.

We all know learning these programs is a waste of time unless you implement. The last section in this DVD is “Action Plan”. Braddock  takes you through what you should aim to do over the next 6 months and what your outcomes should be. They’ve kept it simple and mapped out the steps. It will however require an investment of effort from you.

What Could Be Improved?

Much has been written on this subject in the business space (social networking, group dynamics) and its best the authors stick to the task of applying these techniques in the PUA world. Yet there are many more business techniques that could be exploited for use in the Game. I guess they didn’t want to go over ground covered elsewhere. Search for “social capital ” or “social network theory” to tap business theory as a resource. Another good book is “Never Eat Alone

Bonus Material

Braddock covers the highlights of his The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game when touching on the topic of phone and text game.  These techniques will definitely aid in building your desired social circle. He sticks to the higher level theory, so it’s more of a promotion for this product, but you basically get the concepts for free.

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