• Social Circle Game

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The process of developing, managing, and maintaining a strong social circle that is in alignment with the PUA’s personal life goals.

    Full Definition:

    In brief,social circle game extends to concepts of building a social network efficiently and effectively that addresses the PUA’s social needs. Main memes include:

    Sticking to core values and long time friends: when making new friends, always remember those who were there for you during the tough times, and maintain your friendship with them. When trying to enter a new social group, never trade respect for access, as access to a group’s members and benefits can always be gained. However, if respect is lost in the process, it is very hard to gain back. For example, do not supplicate or give approval seeking behavior to alpha males just to get in, as others will not respect you when you contend for the alpha male position later on.

    Social dead ends: this describes people who may be casual friends, but who do not know a lot of people. They are “dead-ends” in that they cannot introduce you to anyone new or provide any information on other social circles and events.

    Social connectors: these are the people who know many people and are well connected. Being “in” with a social connector gives the PUA a lot of opportunities to meet new people, be selective, and pick good new friends.

    Be aware of the difference of social connectors – some are access points to specific resources that are hard to find. For example, the bouncer at the bar may be a lonely man, but he has access to the bartenders and to get you in the club. Similarly, a school student may be modest in riches, but can introduce you to a lot of college friends. Be aware of the access level and network effect of your new social connectors.

    Tribe: Over the long term, it is important to develop a bond between the core members of a group. The goal is to become an interesting tribe that others would want to visit. This is achieved by maintaining a strong style, shared core values, and managing change in innovative ways. A good example of a tribe is the guys from Entourage.

    AFC Adam on Social Circle Game:

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