Social Capital

Quick Definition: The value in a person’s life (and economics) derived from the degree of social cohesion and connections he has with his community.

Full Definition:

Entrepreneurs, PR planners, and other jobs where social connections are often used to achieve a business goal use social capital well. They understand the fundamental importance of being the “social glue” and adding value by introducing the right people to each other.

In sociology, it is a reference to a person’s social cohesion and personal investment in the community. Any strong leader understands the importance of social cohesion and social capital in achieving a goal. Even in business, the value of a well planned corporate event increases worker morale and loyalty to the company.

In studying social dynamics, PUAs generally possess an above average intuition of what social capital is. They understand that, in order to get the hottest girl in the room, they need to “warm up” the whole room, and leverage social proof as capital in order to make an introduction to her. A PUA with strong social intuition and social capital is known as a Social Connector.

Diddy knows how to leverage social capital to increase his media empire

Usage: All great entrepreneurs possess a strong cadence of social capital at their disposal.

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