Social Alignment

Quick Definition: When two or more people align and ally based on a sharing of their core values and goals, for the purpose of increasing their chances of success.

Full Definition:

PUAs socially align by creating “projects” where they live together, or “lairs” that host group meetings and guest speakers. In this sense, the group of PUAs can help each other learn new techniques, share their experiences, and go out and wing for each other.

Ideally, social alignment can create the bonds for a strong and colorful tribe that others want to visit. Social alignment does not always have to be completely overlapping in all areas of life: a PUA can have social alignments for going out and business alignments for making deals.

Each alignment depends on the PUA’s interests, and the interests of other parties. If they match and combining forces will produce better results than doing it alone, then social alignment becomes an attractive option. It is also important, however, to seek others that not only have shared interests, but also similar reasons for those interests based on a similar core value structure. For example, a PUA whose core reason of being a PUA is to better understand women and be around them may want to think twice about aligning with a PUA whose goal is to sleep with as many women as possible because of harboring sense of revenge from being dumped by an ex-GF.

Mystery on building social alignments:


It is important to have friends and mentors that share similar goals in life, so that you can socially align with them to achieve these goals and move with them through life.

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