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  • Sniper Neg

    By on December 27, 2008

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    Quick Definition: A neg hit delivered specifically to the target to lower her value.

    Full Definition:

    Like all negs, a sniper neg can also be a disqualifier or SOD. The sniper neg is targeted specifically one on one with the target. For example, the PUA can say, “Eww… you have something in your mouth. There’s something about unclean teeth that just repels me.”

    Sniper negs are useful when the group has already reached a hook point with you, and any CBs have been diffused. If at this point there is a need to lower the target’s value, a sniper neg can be a good way to do so.


    Sniper negs are useful for lowering a HBs value relative to you when there is an obvious perceived value difference.

    Related Terms: Shotgun Neg, Neg Theory, Calibration, Isolation, DHV, DLV

    Source: Mystery

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