Sleeveless Shirt

A sleeveless shirt is a shirt that simply has no sleeves.  The shirt has a neck, bottom hem, body, and can also have shoulders, depending upon the type of shirt, e.g. various male undershirts.  Sleeveless shirts can be distinguished based upon their style.  There are athletic shirts, often abbreviated as “a shirts.”  There are also camisoles, halter-tops, sleeveless t-shirts and tube tops.  While a shirts and sleeveless t-shirts are gender-neutral shirts, typically speaking, camisoles, halter-tops and tube tops are worn by women.  For men, a shirts and standard sleeveless t-shirts can be quite attractive to potential suitors; this is especially the case when the man wearing either type of shirt is in shape.

mens sleeveless black shirt

Athletic shirts, or a shirts, have been used over the years as undershirts, to be worn under sports jerseys and uniforms.  A shirts have also been traditionally worn as an undershirt under button-down suit shirts.  In the United States, and perhaps in other places, the ribbed version of the a shirt is often times colloquially referred to with the pejorative term, “wife beaters.”  This is arguably not the most appropriate term for an article of clothing, but it’s a part of the fashion language nevertheless.  The look of the a shirt silhouette resembles the silhouette of suspenders attached to pants: there is often a deep neck, with thin shoulder “straps.”  The body of the shirt is often close fitting.

Sleeveless shirt in grey. Men's Fashion Spring Summer 2011 Phillip Lim

Sleeveless t-shirts, which are also known as muscle shirts, because they are close fitting and for muscular men, reveal their muscles, are shirts that are essentially t-shirts, but they do not have sleeves.  They are typically worn by men, and often worn during sports similar to the way in which a shirts are worn.  Sleeveless t-shirts and a shirts can clearly be worn casually; because that was the initial way they were intended to be worn.  However, sleeveless t-shirts can be dressed up a bit by just adding a cardigan, and some nice slacks and shoes.  Although the shirts do not have sleeves that does not mean that, a cardigan can’t be used to bring up the look to a preppy or smart casual level.

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