• Situational Confidence

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition:  The confidence an artist receives and channels through himself based on external and situational forces outside his own ego. (Opposite of core confidence)

    Full Definition:

    Take the university professor, who is moderately handsome and controls the classroom with this thought provoking lectures. Within the classroom environment, he is alpha and very confident in his abilities to deliver value. Some female students may develop a crush on him. He DHVs by holding the room’s attention, giving value in his class lectures, and holds a position of authority as a respected professor of the university. In this setting, he is confident.

    Take the bouncer at bar, who has physical stature and holds the keys to VIP access in the club. He DHVs by having access to social hierarchy, and is in demand on the social scene. Women will find him attractive based on these DHVs, and he in turn will feel confident in his environment.

    Taking these situational confidence factors out of the equation, we can put the university professor in a high end club, and the bouncer in a classroom. Will these individuals still have game? Will they still have confidence? What is left is an un-familiar environment, and the two are left with their core confidence to guide them in this new territory.

    Ultimately, an mPUA strives to develop both situational confidence via experience, and core confidence via growing one’s values and inner game. Situational confidence can be lost in a day – the professor gets fired for fucking a student; the bouncer loses his job over a fight with a client. Core confidence is long term, standing, and irreplaceable by someone else – it is controlled only by the artist’s mind.


    Tim has high situational confidence in Miami – his dad owns a restaurant in south beach.

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    Source: Tyler Durden

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