• Sinn (Jonathan Lee)

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Sinn was a Ex-Mystery student and also taught as a master instructor for Love Systems before branching out on his own with Sinns of Attraction. Sinn specializes in same night game, and has also recently branched out to offer long term coaching for his students. He keeps an ongoing blog at Sinns of Attraction and often posts videos of himself on YouTube.

    Sinn Quotes

    You open and instantly the girls are into you then you are dogmatic and neg(IOD) them. In an instant the interaction goes sour. Why?

    Because you have established negative compliance momentum. You punished them for good behavior. This is why you guys are blowing yourselves out with lower quality girls and nicer girls. 10s will not usually want to talk to you off the opener ( read low compliance to your opener) So to establish compliance we IOD.

    However if you already have compliance you are in comfort. Comfort is simply a higher threshold of compliance. If I walk up to one of my G/Fs and I kiss her she will not only let me she will pull me in and kiss me harder. Why?

    Because we have a high level of compliance. However I have almost no chance of walking up to a stranger and doing this. Comfort is not only trust and time it is also compliance.

    Sinn Pictures

    sinn headshot

    sinn pua

    Sinn in field:

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    matrix February 17, 2010 - 11:08 am

    That infield video of sinn is pure gold. The enemy of the set is the 20 minute conversation to nowhere….. how true that is!

    alphawolf February 17, 2010 - 3:58 pm

    ‘I liked the other girl better because she had bigger boobs”. lol. Sinn is hilarious

    SORDNAS March 9, 2010 - 8:05 pm

    sinn takes your money once you work with him and offers awful customer support, the guy does a hit and run, after I got decently consistenly well, I felt like his stuff on SNL’s course was more about him doing stupid shit than teaching actual thigns that work. I met him after reading alot on him being former instructor and his awesome blog…but once you work with him he is irresponsible and has a HUGE EGO that can seriosuly leave you like youve been robbed.

    his publicity and idea is to be a online PU guru thru his products…. OK cool…

    and I have met alot of guys that have gotten good using it…but Jon doesnt teach all of it, he teaches part of it…thast what I recent him so much… after I paid him alot of money didnt bother to follow up for a phone consult and after I paid for it, he gives me an attitude to stop boterhing him…..

    seriosuly, you guys that praise him obvioualsy you havent worked with him.

    yes, he has value content for free and online you can get, I recommend it 100%

    but its like sugar coating on the cake and doesnt give you all the goods….

    Once he gets your money he dissapears.

    if you want ot be a fan be a fan but from far away and avoid giving him your money cause even if you pay him he wont show you everything, he will leave it for you to find out instead of facilitating your process as any type of coach would.

    I agree with what Eltopo wrote about Sinn, its so scary accurate..shows Sinn the dating alpha pua act more like a low self esteem money hungry selfish not worth working with at all. stay all and enjoy all free content from him.


    PS: feel free to ask me anything

    Marx March 23, 2010 - 1:42 pm

    SORDNAS, how much did he take you for?

    same October 13, 2012 - 9:47 am

    I purchased a program from Sinn…after I paid his site says he sends you an email with the download links to your email. I go to check to my email and I never got the download the links…

    I email every email of his I could find quoting the reference and payment and if he could so kindly send me the download links. I even been constantly phoning his contact number on his website but noone ever answers and I leave message after message. I even try to post on his blogs this problem in hope I will get it resolved, he or someone obviously reads the message as he has to validate them to allow them to be shown, but others get shown but not mine.

    So you pay for your product and he dissapears and doesn’t care. In that sense he is frauding and scamming me and being illegal. I will take this further if he doesn’t resolve this. He is the worst guy I’ve come across to buy anything from in my life.

    If anyone disagree, just try to contact his customer support or his email and find he is impossible to get back to you.


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