• Silicon Valley "Suit"

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Silicon Valley, some would say, is the birthplace of technology in the US. Many great technology companies ands startups and originated and thrived in this environment. The men that start these companies are often dressed less formally than their east coast counterparts, but are no less competent or smart. Their style reflects the more laid back and reward-based-on-results culture of the valley.

    Avatar Profile

    Unique Style Qualities:Suit jackets worn casually, no ties, shirts with jeans, more relaxed fit and appearance, glasses
    Common Clothing Items:Suits jackets, glasses, black turtlenecks, casual ties, dress shirts, jeans, casual shows, leather shoes
    Favorite BrandsMen's Warehouse, Urban Outfitters, Guess! Calvin Klein, H&M, Target, EBay
    Style Attraction Switches (SAS)Elite-ness, Efficient use of resources, wealth,
    What Women Think:
    • He looks casual, relaxed and serious all at once
    • He probably is very smart and innovative
    • He must be rich to dress like that to the office
    Natural HabitatSilicon Valley bars, Sand Hill Road, Palo Alto, all along the bay area during the day, office spaces

    Famous Examples

    Eric Schmidt
    Eric Schmidt
    Larry Ellison
    Larry Ellison


    The Silicon Valley suit is overall more casual than the other suits. They are intelligent and smart and like Google's mantra: “you don't need to wear a suit to be taken seriously”

    The valley is the one place where executives like Mark Zuckerberg and Sergey Brin can walk into a senior executive meeting wearing gym clothes or just a jeans and a T-shirt.

    Natural Counterparts

    Sexy Geeky Girls
    Sexy Geeky Girls
    Gold Digger Girls
    Gold Digger Girls


    Sergey Brin

    Jack Dorsey

    Steve Jobs

    go dog food

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