• Sickboy

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Age: 23
    Affiliation: RSD Nation

    Born in South Africa, Sickboy is a 23 year old student currently based out of Auckland, New Zealand with a self professed affinity that is “the size of Lake Michigan” for ladies of Asian descent. He likes hip hop and R ‘N B music, and working with his wingmen on his day game. He began his PUA career in 2003 when he realized he needed some help with women and had “pretty much zero field experience”. Like many struggling social connoisseurs, Sickboy turned to the Internet for inspiration from the best. He first started communication on the ASF forums and within two weeks he was invited to Miami for a ten day workshop that began his life as a PUA.

    While Sickboy appreciates all of the finer things in the way of instruction and the PUA lifestyle, his signature style is based on his own strategies developed from a highly tuned intuition. He claims that you can receive instruction from the best, but that your intuition and instinct will get you further in the game if you are paying attention to it. He also says that mistakes are the only way men will learn how to do it right, and if you are afraid to make mistakes then you’ll never get anywhere in this game.

    Before Sickboy became a thriving PUA, he struggled with the approach anxiety that all men struggle with. Once he realized his challenges, he worked on his inner game, prepared to make his mistakes, and before he knew it he was an established PUA. Where many men experience negative emotion with every rejection, Sickboy makes a game out of it and uses his wingmen repeatedly to see who can get blown off the most times in one evening. Making the game fun with his wingmen is what has lead to his success and taught him the art of overcoming that anxiety with some stellar inner game techniques.

    Sickboy’s signature style comes from merging both indirect game versus direct game, he says there is no approach that is better than the other. They both will work depending on the individual situation, and this is where it is important to pay attention to that intuition. He says that these strategies are what has helped him as a PUA, and his list of girlfriends include models, actresses, and he won’t date less than a “9”. He stays away from one liners and “canned material” and says the natural approach with honesty and actual conversation will be the best tools for success.

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