• Show her that you like sex but don’t be desperate

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Context: Old forum thread on liking sex but not “needing” it from girls

    BLscorpZ: I’m going to throw a wrench into the belief that “the hungry don’t get fed.” because I think its only half true.

    I got a PUA friend (don’t I have many PUA friends hehe) who recently told me, “I am soooo desperate!  I need a woman to love!”  and another PUA friend told me a couple weeks ago “god, I need pussy”.  I thought those things would come from AFCs, but they came from PUAs who have laid over 20 girls in the last couple years.  They said that when they were on a dry spell.  they ADMIT they are desperate, YET they still get fed with pussy sooner or later.  so I would never say that the “hungry never gets fed”.  I mean, I was soo desperate myself after a three month dry spell, and the frustration put me over the top and I went out that night and got laid.  If the statement “the hungry never gets fed” was true, then me and my PUA friends would still be virgins.

    So I think it is OK to admit to yourself and other guys that you’re desperate, but its not OK to show your targets that you’re desperate. Just show her that you like sex.  you can even use the “desperate energy” as motivation to go out, play the high numbers game, and work harder.

    This is like hunting. A hungry man will work harder to search for food and hone his hunting skills to maximize the amount of food he can get from his niche. If another man is satisfied and keeps having his food brought over by his mommy, how will he learn to hunt, and hone his hunting skills? Suppose his mother dies, and he doesnt have anyone to bring food to him. Who do you think will get the most food, the hunter with learned skills, or the spoiled mama’s boy with no hunting skills? The hungry man DOES get fed in the end. So, I know this is a much better and healthier frame of mind for newbies and AFCs to follow than that frame of “the hungry never gets fed.” Granted, you still need a clear mind to do negs, takeaways, and teasing to APPEAR to the target that you’re not desperate, even if you are.

    Fake it till you make it!

    Style: Right, so how about making it: “those who LOOK hungry don’t get fed.”

    BLscorpZ: exactly!  thats what I was trying to say in my last post.I’ve been thinking about this too. I’ve suffered a few times this week from trying too hard, giving her too much attention, etc. So I am thinking of trying to shift the method a little to make the HB initiate the *close more. So instead of thinking “the hungry don’t get fed,” what do you think of laying on all the EV, patterns, and kino, but at the same time, letting her know that I’m completely unavailable and she is completely not my type physically. Is this in keeping with ASF philosophy, or is it going too far?
    BLscorpZ: To keep it simple, lay on the kino, EV, patterns.. and at the same time, tease her.  playfully accuse her of coming on to you.  once you get enough IOIs, make your move.. lay your SOI on her.. go in for the kill!  OTOH if you don’t get enough IOIs, do a takeaway and make yourself unavailable.  that’s the ASF philosophy.. or at least part of it.

    I’ve been thinking this because, whenever I really want to get away from a UG, it seems that the more I resist, the more aggressive she becomes. As for “desperate energy,” I’m still undecided on whether this is an advantage or disadvantage in sarging (the Scruffy thread a few days ago makes the opposite of the argument you make: that PUA gets more EC when not looking for it).

    BLscorpZ: it is a disadvantage if you use your desperation energy in your attempts to bag ONE HB… that way, you get oneitis.  however, it is an advantage if you use your desperate energy to play the numbers game and keep the numbers high. all I’m saying that it can be a good motivator.. just like fear.

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