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  • Shotgun Neg

    By on December 27, 2008

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    Quick Definition: A neg hit delivered to the group that communicates active disinterest and disqualification towards the target.

    Full Definition:

    Shotgun negs are efficient when there are AMOGs or AFOGs in a group setting. In general, the PUA builds rapport and social value by disregarding the target, labeling the PUA as the cool kid, and the target as not. Since the target is used to being hit on in front of her friends, the PUA is unique in his approach to shun her out from the center of attention.

    This creates an urge in even the hottest HBs to win her validation back. She can do this by getting your attention, trying to regain the group’s attention, or by negging you. Either way, the PUA must calibrate appropriately. At this point, the set has been opened and the game has begun.

    An example of a shotgun neg is, “you can doll her all up, and you still can’t take her anywhere!”


    Shotgun negs are great to DQ yourself from being a suitor of the target in a group.

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    Source: Mystery

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