Short Setting

Quick Definition: The practice of quickly opening up multiple sets in a venue in order to establish social proof.

Full Definition:

Short setting is a technique that PUAs use in order to build-up their social value and get into a social state. Rather than focusing on opening just the women that they are interested in, with short setting, the PUA works the entire room, staying in each set for no more than a few minutes before moving on to the next group of people.

Short setting has a number of benefits.

  • First, it helps the PUA to get into a social mode by getting them talking to large numbers of people (similar to warm-up sets).
  • Short setting also has the benefit of building social proof, as the PUA is seen talking to everyone in the venue, instead of just hitting on some girls. This raises the social value of the PUA and makes opening subsequent sets easier.
  • Finally, by short setting, the PUA is able to introduce himself to everyone in the room, which allows him to later re-open sets he talked to earlier and get a warmer reception than if he had just approached them cold.

Short setting can be as simple as going around the room giving toasts and high-fives, or actually going around introducing oneself to different sets. Whatever method the PUA uses, the idea behind short setting is to stay in set for no more than a few minutes, and to leave the set in a high note, whenever possible.


I short-setted the entire venue before focusing on the girl I was interested in.

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