Shit Test

Quick Definition: Often unconscious (and sometimes conscious) tests that women throw at men in order to quickly determine their social status. A shit test is a more specific instance of a “congruence test.”

Full Definition:

A shit test is when a woman gives a guy a hard time, usually for the purpose of seeing how he will react. Because women (especially attractive women) are hit on all the time, they have developed behaviors that quickly disqualify potential suitors that are not of a high enough value for her. The shit test is one way to do this. Shit tests can be challenges, IODs, or reframes that an HB throws to test the PUA.

Possible example of a shit test, if the guy is being too cocky. Or it could be a genuine rejection. Nonetheless, stick it out until you know for sure if you’re after the skill set

For example, a woman might suddenly change threads and start talking about sex very explicitly, to test the PUA’s reaction to the story. This is a congruency test of the pickup artist’s sexual experience. Shit tests can also take the form of insults. For example, when a pick up artist goes up to a woman and compliments her shoes, she might reply with a snide comment such as, “Thanks, but why are you looking at my shoes?” The PUA can choose to interpret this comment in a variety of ways. Is it a genuine question? Does the artist answer directly or indirectly? A quick way is to acknowledge it, and move on: “yes, I love style and I happened to notice your shoes. So what brings you out here tonight?” The PUA can also escalate the situation, emulating the case of poker. “I love shoes. I’m totally gay.” Saying this will escalate the playfullness of the situation, but expect more shit tests and congruence tests to follow along this line. Doing these things demonstrates that he is confident and unruffled by her comments, effectively “passing” the test.

Another form of shit test is when a woman immediately disqualifies herself as a potential suitor by saying a comment such as “I have a boyfriend” or “I’m a lesbian.” Again, such comments can be interpreted in several ways: a) the woman really does have a boyfriend or is a lesbian, b) the woman is not interested in talking to anyone, or c) the woman is throwing a shit test to see how the PUA will react. If it is the latter, the PUA can overcome it by, again, ignoring it, agreeing with it, or making a joke about it. Tyler Durden used to say, “ignore everything that the women does or says that is not assisting with the process of seduction.” Essentially, acknowledge all forward advancements of game, and ignore any deviations from it. Mystery would agree, in that the M3 model and the attraction model are based off the woman’s game frame, not the man’s.

Recognizing shit tests can be difficult, especially since the comment could be interpreted in several different ways. For example, a shit test could be a way to test congruency, a genuine IOD (slight negative starting value), her being in a bad mood, her having her bitch shield up, and, of course, being a real bitch. Usually, the best frame to take is that of the confident and best self. If shit tests are obviously being thrown, don’t give up! Continue plowing until the set hooks or the PUA is clearly blown out. Some of our best lines came from women who were giving us shit in a set. You may lose the battle, but you’ll learn something in the process.

It is important to note that the intention behind a test is about seeing what the guy is made of because she’s hoping he is mentally strong. If the woman doesn’t want to talk to the guy or is genuinely annoyed, leave the set! If the woman insists that she’s serious more than 2-3 times, assume she’s serious and not testing you. It will take some experience to tell the difference. One good line to see if she’s serious is, “are you being serious or joking, I can’t tell” and then pause for 3 seconds. A good temperature test in the middle of a conversation is, “do you want me to leave?” to see if she’s playing/flirting with you, or genuinely annoyed.


For some reason I got shit tested a lot by different girls today.

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