• Shifting Sands

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The elusiveness of a player’s seductive charms and its effect on making women attracted to him, without them realizing the details of exactly what he’s doing.

    Full Definition:

    A lot of times women operate on 2 parallel thought patterns, one is the logical and social fabric, and the other is the emotional fabric. The 2 are always in sync or conflict. The shifting sands simply refers to a player’s ability to induce the effects of seduction, charm and sexual value, without actually triggering a conscious objection from the women.

    Gambler refers to this in Stealth Attraction as slowly seducing the girl without triggering a conscious response. Jeffy’s game style is fast and witty, and his intelligence an wit often is a few steps ahead of the girl he is gaming.

    One of the best examples of shifting sands in Russell Brand. If you watch all of his interviews, he’s able to charm a lot of women while maintaining his plausible deniability.

    The ability to master shifting sands allows the PUA to play the game a few moves ahead, and to seduce the girl in a way that is entertaining – the performance / magic trick is only more fun and amazing when the audience doesn’t know how to “magic” is created.

    Russell Brand is a great example of a comedian / actor who uses the shifting sands technique along with his accent, quick wit and extensive vocabulary to charm the women around him:


    You’re the shifting sands, she has never had a chance to realize what was really going on.

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