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About The Author

Eric Disco is a guy who used to suffer from extreme social anxiety and was unable to talk to women he didn’t know. She’s Six Steps Away is his account of how he learned to deal with his anxiety and, impressively, how he taught many other guys to do the same.

When it comes to approaching women, many guys feel somewhat anxious at the thought of talking to a woman they don’t know. But for some guys, this level of anxiety is so extreme that it prevents them from ever taking any action whatsoever. This is who the book is designed to help with that specific problem. Even the title of the book makes it seem easy – there it is man! Only 6 steps away from you.

Rather than just telling you to go out right away and start trying to have conversations with women, Eric lays out a plan to slowly desensitize yourself to the negative feelings you experience at the prospect of approaching women. So you might first start out by putting yourself in the same vicinity as attractive women, just being near them but not trying to talk to them. This removes any pressure while at the same time gets your body accustomed to moving towards an attractive woman when you see one.

From there you gradually take more and more action over time as your confidence increases and your anxiety decreases. Done this way, even the shyest person should be able to work up to starting a conversation with a stranger.

After the Approach

There’s a lot of emphasis in the book on having short, innocuous conversations with women. For the purpose of getting past your approach anxiety, this will be quite effective. But when it comes to getting results with women such as phone numbers and dates, it’s not quite as solid. Once you use the steps here to overcome your approach anxiety, you’ll likely need to find some other information that will focus more on what to do next, specifically in the area of attracting women.

The subject of rapport is covered here in great detail, with some great advice on how to form connections with women. The problem I see many guys facing if they use all of the advice here is coming across like too much of a ‘nice guy’.

Some of the openers are quite weak and indecisive, and more or less put you on the back foot right away. If you follow this up by moving straight into rapport and forming a connection, there is only a slim chance of the woman being interested in you in a romantic or sexual sense. Instead, there really needs to be some flirting and challenging going on, to create some sexual tension. This is something that is lacking completely in this book. So the advice is great up to getting you to approach and take action, but after that becomes less effective.

The last section of the book covers the area of approaching women directly. This is something that most guys will have to gradually work up to, but IMO is the most effective approaching strategy out of all those described here. Eric himself says that he often feels better when approaching directly and many of his best clients feel the same way.

Live In-Field Recordings

The book comes with bonus audio recordings, which are of Eric approaching women in various situations. They’re divided up into segments to correlate with each of the individual six steps that you learn about in the book.

The audio quality is very good, which is a plus. It’s great to be able to hear the steps put into action, and to see how simple it can be to approach a woman you don’t know. Most of the openers are quite functional, meaning the only purpose they hold is to begin a conversation. In terms of wanting to actually pick women up, I wouldn’t recommend most of these openers. It also gets a bit tedious hearing the same few openers used repeatedly.

There are also some bonus interviews that make up this course. They feature Eric talking to various dating and seduction teachers about a number of subjects that directly relate to the six steps. Some of the interviews are better than others, but it’s a nice bonus.

Overall if you have real trouble approaching women, this is definitely worth checking out. It’s designed to slowly get you over your fear of talking to women, and provides realistic exercises that you can practice that will help you get over your anxiety. If you follow the advice here you will feel more comfortable about approaching women, but in terms of getting any success beyond just approaching, the advice here is quite limited.

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